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LegendTales Kiki x RW SGC LegendTales Skippito #1 Female

Date of Birth June 10th 2014
Sire RW SGC LegendTales el Skippito
Dam StarsNStripes Kiki
Gender Female
Coat Long
Feet Straight
Tail Long
 Pet Price  $600
Description: This beautiful princess is all girl and a bit of a diva!!! She’s absolutely gorgeous with the softest spotted coat. She looks like a lot like her dad Skippito.


LegendTales Holly x QGC Fluffernutter #1 Female

Date of Birth July 2, 2014
Sire QGC Legendtales Fluffernutter
Dam Legendtales Holly
Gender Female
Coat Long
Feet Straight
Tail 2″
 Pet Price  $950
Description: This beauty has a medium cat, straight feet and a natural 2″ tail. She is a great blend of calm and playful. She’s happy to just go with the flow of the house. She looks so much like her dad did at this age!


We have some very exciting litters on the way! The kittens should look a lot like this boy! We will have long and short hair and polydactyl and straightfoots. We have started a waiting list. To get on the list please fill out the form and send with a $300 deposit. Kittens will be offered to those on the list before being placed on the website.

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LegendTales JujuBee x Ducati’s Triumph #1 Male

Contract Pending

Date of Birth August 10, 2014
Sire LegendTales Ducati’s Triumph
Dam  LegendTales JujuBee
Gender Male
Coat Long
Feet Poly
Tail Bobcat
Description: This show stopper has it all. He looks just like his uncle Skippito did at this age! He has perfect horizontal spotting, a perfect bobcat length tail, huge poly feet and a face that is perfect! He has the wonderful hooded eyes, huge muzzle and chin and great profile that are so hard to get on a long hair. He is available as a very upper end pet.
 jujuxducati-m1c jujuxducati-m1